Hey there folks, just popping in to premiere a new piece i worked up. At this past Phoenix comicon i was approached by several folks from all walks of life and age groups asking about My little pony items, now i knew the fandom was growing but after a few hundred people ask or display MLP costumes… its time to draw some ponies.  I instantly started joking around with my wife and some friends about what kind of pony i should draw, i know very little about MLP and i knew i needed to mash it with something i absolutely love…enter Army of Darkness, not a lot of folks know that the evil dead/AoD movies, along with Campbell, the Raimi’s and Tapert have a deeper inspiration for me. I grew up just a few towns over from those fellas and watched the first Evil Dead when i was seven years old, knowing that those Michigan kids can do something big inspired me to pursue an art career , they were my proof i could do it. So if you see me continually returning to Evil Dead/AoD art …you know why.                                         -BEN


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